Your New Go-To Intimate Wellness Brand

nevernot is a Berlin-based brand that has made it its mission to promote the topic of intimate health with innovative and sex-positive products. That's why founders Anna Kössel and Katharina Trebitsch set the highest standards for their menstrual products, lubricants and scented massage candles. The duo wants to do more than break taboos - nevernot is all about integrating intimate health into your daily routine - whether yoga, meditation, masturbation or sex... pleasure and body acceptance are self-care! So they produce modern, highly effective and aesthetic products that don't need to hide in your bedside drawers or bathroom cabinet.

High standards at nevernot

Although nevernot is female-founded, the brand is aimed at "everyone who loves to make love". nevernot is the first European brand to develop a period product clearly for all people with periods and to represent a trans man in its soft tampon campaign.

nevernot considers both the environment and the beauty industry's ingredient standards in their product development: all nevernot products are produced under fair conditions, are cruelty-free, ethically correct and effective! Where possible, the products are even organic and vegan.

The nevernot soft tampon - perfect for sports, spa days and sex

Do you want hot sex during your period without messing up your sheets? Do you want to exercise but you find menstrual cups and cotton tampons uncomfortable? Do you suffer from period pain and traditional tampons make your cramps worse? Then the soft tampon is the ideal addition to your bathroom cupboard.

nevernot is particularly proud of their newest soft tampon, which was launched in August 2022: The nevernot Tampon 2.0 is the world's only soft tampon with an optional thread. You can quickly and easily attach it yourself to make the new soft tampon as easy to remove as a cotton tampon. The nevernot Tampon 2.0 has 70% less packaging and all the functionality you're used to. Once opened, it unfolds to its full size, giving it the same capacity as the classic soft tampon - a world first!

Discover the nevernot product range

In October 2021, nevernot launched the vegan, fairly produced and organic 'F*cking Good' lube collection. As intimate (skin) care, it sets new quality standards in the intimate wellness industry. Shortly after, the range was expanded to include the nevernot Scented Massage Candles. They are handmade in France under fair conditions and are 100% natural. Spring 2022 saw the addition of nevernot Quickies. The Intimate Wipes are great for on-the-go - they're vegan and perfect for the pH of your genital area. Then, in the middle of the year, nevernot launched nevernot Smoothie, the first anti-chafing gel that's completely silicone-free, saving you from chafed thighs in the summer. In autumn, nevernot added the vegan and natural SOS Skin and Intimate Care collection with a fantastic Peeling Solution and oil so you always feel good in your skin.