From household rubbish to design treasures!

"Everyone deserves a second chance" thought snorre's two founders when they launched the snorre brand last year. Made from discarded bed slats, the snorre planters are made with upcycled material to reduce the amount of rubbish that ends up in landfills. The planters are hand assembled in Vienna by the "Caritas" charity.

A Value-Added Chain:

Some snorre planters use slats from cots, while others come from double beds. The slats collected to make the planters come directly from a Viennese waste management facility.

How Does This Work?

  • MA48

The Viennese MA48 waste management facility collects and stores the slats.

  • Volkshilfe

"Volkshilfe" a charity focusing on social services and social work, dismantles the slatted frames and sorts them by size, delivering them to the "Wörkerei" charity workshop.

  • "Wörkerei" Caritas Workshop

At the "Wörkerei" workshop, workers build the snorre plant stands by hand. Up to 20% of the purchase price per planter goes to these workers.

One Size Fits All:

As your plants grow and thrive, they also need larger planters. Thanks to a patented pull mechanism, each snorre plant stand can be adapted to grow with the size of your planter.

Excellent Design:

snorre won the "Blickfang Wien 2021" award in the "Furniture & Product Design" category. The "Blickfang Wien" prize is an award given to products that have outstanding designs.

Who's the Brains Behind snorre?

Maximilian Klammer comes from the field of architecture and design, while Thomas Maurer has a digital marketing background. The long-term friends founded the brand in Vienna, Austria.

Taking a Stand for the Planet:

snorre supports social welfare projects, upcycling and sustainable production. By purchasing a plant stand, you support their unique concept and take a step to support the planet!