UNMILK turned the milk world upside down! 100% great flavour, 0% milk.

It's no secret that mass-producing cow's milk is harmful to the environment, but milk proteins are very prevalent in most protein products. Try plant-based protein shakes and oat drinks from UNMILK instead!

Based on a mix of gluten-free oats and pea protein, the German start-up UNMILK uses plant-based, high-protein ingredients for their milk and protein products. Whether you're vegan, vegetarian, or flexitarian, UNMILK is the perfect choice for athletes and health-conscious people.

Why is UNMILK sustainable?

Eating a plant-based diet is the best way to protect your health, the planet, and animals. Almond milk and rice milk are not sustainable due to the high amount of water needed to produce the milk, lots of people don't like soy milk and grain-based milks tend to lack nutrition. UNMILK offers a better solution!

UNMILK is made using European-grown oats and peas – which are naturally delicious and high in protein. Compared to cow's milk or almond milk, UNMILK needs ten times less water and over twenty times less CO₂ to produce. It also needs much less space to produce.

UNMILK protein shakes are fortified with the vitamins D and B12. Both nutrients are extremely important for vegans and vegetarians, and omnivores. Many people are not even aware that they have a deficiency of these vitamins. Vitamin B12 is only found in animal-based foods - but only because it is mixed into livestock feed. Theoretically, our body can produce vitamin D itself – but only with sufficient exposure to UVB rays, which can be difficult during the winter. UNMILK provides both of these vitamins to make supplementing them easy. UNMILK also does not add sugar or sweeteners to their milk. All UNMILK drinks are free from gluten, lactose, nuts, and soy.

Who is behind UNMILK?

“I've been trying to eat healthily for a long time. However, we often still have to make compromises when it comes to plant-based alternatives – but not anymore!” In the middle of the Corona crisis, Jennifer Schäfer, a resident of Hamburg, Germany, founded UNMILK – and got off to a flying start with her plant-based protein shakes.

The fact that she doesn't come from the food industry never stopped the young founder. “I stand behind my vision with absolute passion. It's not about getting a quick bite of the vegan cake. I really want to make a difference," said Schäfer. It's precisely this belief that has made her company so successful, so quickly.

What does UNMILK offer?

UNMILK's drinks feature an extra creamy taste and a lot of calcium and protein, using less water consumption, less CO₂ emissions, no allergens and no animals! The products are rich in nutrients and contain protein that can be absorbed and utilized well by the body. Unlike cow's milk, UNMILK contains no cholesterol, no hormones and no antibiotic residues. All UNMILK products are free of added sugar, sweeteners, lactose, gluten, nuts and soy.

High Protein Shakes : 330ml, ready-to-drink and in 3 delicious flavours

  • Chocolate Protein Shake – cocoa meets gluten-free oats
  • Vanilla Chai Protein Shake - a little twist on a favourite flavour
  • Coffee Protein Shake – start your day right!

Oat Drinks: Gluten-free, protein-rich and extra creamy drinks for coffee, cereal and more!

3x more protein and 4x less carbohydrates and sugar than conventional oat drinks.

  • Barista Oat Drink: A whole new level of foamability
  • Hemp Protein Oat Drink: Perfect for breakfasts - ideal for shakes, smoothies or for baking
  • Pumpkin Seed Oat Drink: Slightly nutty and perfect for cooking
  • Original Oat Drink: The jack of all trades

DIY oat drink powder : 8 L oat drink made from 750 g powder - shaken or stirred

Avoid wasteful packaging! With the DIY oat drink powder, you can easily save CO₂ emissions, as making your own oat drink means 90% less weight and waste are produced than with conventional oat drinks. Using a special fermentation and hydrolysis process, UNMILK ensures that the end result tastes just like a conventional oat drink.