Pezz Life Urine Test Kit for Cats

For easy and stress-free testing at home

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Protect your beloved pets long before they are in pain and start showing symptoms with the all-in-one urine test kit by Pezz life.

This test kit allows you to test your cat's urine in your own home and was developed in cooperation with Austrian veterinarians. It can detect certain important health problems at an early stage. Kidney and urinary tract diseases, for example, often remain undetected for a long time because symptoms only appear at a later stage. The ISO-certified urine tests by Pezz life can detect kidney failure, inflammation of the urinary tract and bladder and urinary stones and crystals at an early stage. In order to get a urine sample from your cat in a vet's clinic, the vet must pierce the abdominal wall which is stressful for both cats and humans. With Pezz life, you can get a fresh sample in a stress-free environment without any pricks.

  • Early detection of diseases before symptoms appear
  • Scan the certified urine strips with the app and look up the test result via the app
  • All-in-one urine test kit

The Urine Test Kit contains:

1x Urine Test Bowl

The urine test bowl is a hygienic way to collect an uncontaminated urine sample. The test bowl with an ISO-certified urine test strip is made of bio-plastic and therefore has a minimal impact on the environment. Each urine bowl can only be used once to prevent skewed test results due to left over residues.

1x Organic Special Cat Litter

350g non-absorbent, odourless special litter made from recyclable bioplastics.

1x Cover Film

No need to clean the litter box thanks to the cover film.

1x Syringe

For taking a urine sample.

Pezz app

After teh sample has been taken, the test strip on the underside of the urine bowl can be scanned with a smartphone and Pezz life takes care of the rest. Each test strip is analysed by experts within a few hours and the result is displayed on the Pezz app. The app is available free of charge in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.


The Pezz app includes a video tutorial on how to use the kit and detailed instructions with tips and tricks.

Step 1: Collect urine

Collect a urine sample with the simple and hygienic collection tool designed specifically for cats.

Step 2: Scanning the test strip

Scan the test strip with the Pezz app to upload the values.

Step 3:

Within a few hours, the test will be checked and evaluated by experts. You will receive a notification on your smartphone as soon as the result is available. You can look up the result along with a detailed explanation at any time on the app.

Country of Origin: Austria
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Series: Series 8
Brands: Pezz Life
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