Testing everdrop

Testing everdrop

Can these sustainable cleaners replace conventional products?

This startup produces everyday products to help you lead a more eco-friendly life - by avoiding disposable plastic and unnecessary chemicals as well as minimising CO₂ emissions. The idea is simple and ingenious, but can it make a lasting difference to your home? We tested their products.

1. Innovation at everdrop:

The Munich-based brand everdrop makes high-quality, sustainable and eco-friendly household cleaning products. These are made from natural and biodegradable raw materials and are entirely free from harmful additives and chemicals. everdrop's many different tabs and powders allow you to easily make your own cleaning products and natural cosmetics at home. Simply fill the high-quality reusable glass bottles with water, add a tab, watch it dissolve - and your cleaner, washing-up liquid, hand soap or shower gel is ready to use!

Powder and tabs mean there is no more need for disposable plastic bottles and no more transporting water across the country, reducing CO₂ emissions caused by transport by up to 97%.

2. Who is behind the new startup?

The two friends and founders David Löwe and Christian Becker are the brains behind everdrop. This innovative duo is on a mission to 'de-plasticise' their own households through more sustainable products. After realising the extent to which household products pollute our environment with plastic, CO₂ and chemicals, they made the decision to help change the status quo.

After only four years, they have already achieved amazing successes together with their community and sell numerous household products (cleaning tabs, dishwasher tabs, washing detergent, dishwashing detergent, toilet cleaner, accessories) as well as body care products (hand soap & shower gel).

3. How well do everdrop's cleaning products clean?

The startup says that the natural materials in the products cannot completely replace classic chemicals when removing difficult stains such as mould or bicycle chain oil. But we were still very impressed with the cleaning power of the sustainable products which make use of natural and biodegradable raw materials so you no longer need to resort to using chemicals in your home.

The cleaning products easily remove coffee and grease stains, soap residue and limescale. However, the glass bottle became a little heavy to hold after a while, so we don't recommend doing all the spring cleaning at once.

4. Is everdrop the only brand developing sustainable cleaning products?

There are now more and more companies making sustainable household products, helping to make our planet a better place. There are now suppliers from many different countries on the market, such as Klaeny, Skosh, twentyless, CYCLE, aer and many more. These companies also produce sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

But what does this mean for us as consumers? It is hard to say, but the fact that all these companies show a deep commitment to sustainability, giving consumers the opportunity to buy ecologically sound products, shows that the demand is more than just a passing trend.

5. Conclusion

everdrop is a great choice for anyone looking for sustainable household products, which are natural, affordable and eco-friendly. These high-quality cleaners and personal hygiene items are a fantastic way to help protect our planet.

everdrop has a wide range of products to meet your specific needs, from cleaning products to personal care.