Lotta Curls

Lotta Curls

An overnight curl band for heat-free curls.

Lotta Curls Curl Bands

The curl bands by Lotta Curls create maximum curls with minimum effort, without damaging your hair with heat. Find out what makes Lotta Curls so special:

  • Easy to use - putting on the band in the evening only takes three minutes - and you only need one minute in the morning to take it out
  • 100% heat-free - the curl band uses no heat and is meant for use on dry hair
  • Comfortable to wear - the soft, velvet material is comfortable to sleep in
  • Stylish - Lotta looks great day and night and is currently available in twelve different designs
  • Designed in Austria, made in Europe

The Lotta Girls Behind the Startup:

Lotta Curls was founded by Claudia Bauer and Christina Niederl. Their mission is to revolutionise and simplify curling routines for all hair types!

As soon as Claudia and Christina finished school, they knew they wanted to start a business together. After 5 years and countless ideas later, they set up their own marketing agency. Less than a year later, the idea for Lotta Curls was born.

How Did They Create Lotta Curls?

After years of using curling irons and straighteners to curl their hair, the two young founders found that their hair was looking worse for wear from the heat. They needed a more gentle technique for curling their hair.

As a result, they sat down at the sewing machine and created a solution for millions of women. After a successful launch at Glow, Europe's biggest beauty fair, Claudia and Christina appeared on television and won 2nd place out of more than 80 participants at a big regional pitch event.

What's Next?

At the moment, the duo are focussing on expanding their brand into other European countries. The two founders want to create a heat-free routine for diverse hair types and become THE curl band on the market. Stay tuned for what's to come!

The range:

The stylish curl bands are available in the following colours on 42things: