Like a personal camera person, only way better!

What's a Pivo Pod and why should you get one?

These days, social media is simply a part of our lives! Whether you're taking photos of your kids, sharing your travels on Instagram, or just taking a selfie, good content is essential, but sometimes it can be time-consuming. Looking for a way to speed things up? LOOK NO FURTHER!

Lots of influencers and content creators rely on Pivo to help them create quick, easy and stunning content! The Pivo Pod is an intelligent tracking pod that turns your smartphone into your personal photographer. Thanks to multiple tracking modes, creative modes, and apps, the Pivo Pods make it easy to quickly create and share your content.

Start with the Pivo Pod Silver

The Pivo Pod Silver is a popular choice among Pivo users for a number of reasons. The numerous tracking modes & creative modes of the exclusive apps allow limitless creative possibilities to create and share content. Need a new workout video for your YouTube channel? Just use the Pivo+ app and Auto Tracking to track your every move. Want to make a birthday invitation with a creative picture? No problem! Just use Pivo Play's fun create modes - no experience in image editing needed!

Popular with Equestrians

Pivo's horse tracking feature allows riders to record their exercises or meet with trainers via video calling apps in Meet mode. An ever-growing community called "Pivoriders" is one of the largest user groups around the world. The animal tracking features aren't just limited to horses, though! Now you can track your dog using the Dog Tracking feature! Capture your four legged friends' cutest moments with Pivo.

Next Level Live-Streaming

The newly developed Pivo Live app features live auto-tracking. Whether you're providing exciting updates on sporting events or sharing the life of your beloved pet, live-streaming with Pivo Live gives you more flexibility to do just that and more. Now, live streamers can focus on their audience and their content without worrying about being out of frame.

The Pivo community is growing fast! Whether you're an influencer, content creator, or just want to create beautiful memories to last a lifetime, the Pivo Pod is just the tool for you!

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