Meet these innovative drinks!

Waterdrop - How it Began

Founded in 2016, Waterdrop is one of the most successful Austrian startups and has grown a lot over the last few years . In 2018, the young start-up presented its innovative business idea on the well-known German television show "Die Höhle der Löwen" and was able to secure funding for from the panel of investors on the "Dragon's Den" style show. According to brand, they reached their millionth customer and enjoyed annual sales of 90 million Euros in 2021.

In addition to 42things and other online shops, Waterdrop's drink cubes are also available in physical stores in cities like London, Paris and New York. According to founder Murray, around 85 percent of sales are generated in the e-commerce sector and only 15 percent come from brick-and-mortar retail. This breakdown can be traced back to successful online marketing and brand building, as the brand already has an impressive 568,000 followers on Instagram.

What are Waterdrop Drinks Like?
Waterdrops creates small, low-calorie and sugar-free granulate cubes that dissolve in cold water and come in fruity flavours like pomegranate-goji berry-schizandra or lime-baobab-acerola. The tasty drinks come in delicious flavours and also contain valuable nutrients.

Next Steps:

The brand recently received Series B financing of around 60 million Euros. Most of this money will flow into global expansion, research and development. Waterdrop already has 250 employees working for the company, and has taken over the Viennese start-up "Purgaty" , which is known for its “Drink-Tech” product. Waterdrop is currently developing a bottle sold under the name "Lucy" that can disinfect the contents within using LED UV-C radiation in the cap. We're very much looking forward to hearing what comes next!