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Vitamin Dropz

These tabs feature intense lightly sweetened fruit flavours with vitamins, but without calories.

      Pure Dropz

      Enjoy authentic fruit flavours, without sugar, sweeteners, or calories.

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              Learn More about the dropz Startup!

              The Swiss startup Dropz is convinced that all people have the right to drink healthy, delicious and refreshing water without having to sacrifice flavour. The innovative Dropz tablets can be easily dissolved in water and offer a sustainable alternative to bottled water.

              Dropz Bottles

              Featuring built-in storage for your dropz!

                  Avoid Calories & Sweeteners

                  Avoid Calories & Sweeteners

                  The Swiss startup dropz creates drink tabs of the same name that are made with natural fruit and herbal extracts, without any sugar or sweeteners.

                  Pimp Your Water

                  Pimp Your Water

                  Discover the indescribable taste of pure fruit freshness and say goodbye to bland tap water. Dissolve one Dropz tab in 0.200 - 1 L of water and a fresh, fruity flavour - carbonated or pure!

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