Plastic-Free Bar Soaps & Soap Tabs for the Hands & Body

Silicone-free and paraben-free soaps, made in Austria.

These gorgeous soaps are based on vegetable oils and butters, and are packaged in recycled paper.

Bar Soaps & Soap Tabs: 3 products


  • Aer Face Soap

    Aer Face Soap, 3 Pcs

    • Free from silicone & paraben
    • With shea butter and almond oil
    • Made in Austria
  • Aer Solid Shampoo

    Aer Solid Shampoo, 3 Pcs

    • Packaging made from recycled paper
    • Made in Austria
    • Made with plant-based ingredients
  • Aer Soap + Solid Shampoo Starter Set

    Aer Soap + Solid Shampoo Starter Set, 3 Pcs

    • Sustainable
    • Purely plant-based
    • Made in Austria

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