From business studies to a lifestyle drink.

Who is behind ROST?

ROST is a rosé-wine spritz brand founded by Liza Brandstätter. Working as a one-woman show, she developed the lifestyle drink back in 2018, targeting everyone who has a passion for enjoying life. She did this entirely without a winemaking background - simply with business knowledge and the conviction that she could shake up the popular but crowded drinks market with a rosé-wine spritz.


Liza studied business administration in Graz, taking her time with her studies to gain plenty of experience along the way. She spent four years helping to set up the Fifteen Seconds Festival, which she saw as an incredible springboard - both professionally and personally. This was followed by a few years of advertising agency experience in Austria and abroad. But she never lost sight of her ambition to one day have her own physical product. Her love of fantastic meals out in great company meant that choosing an industry wasn't difficult.

How did ROST come about?

It was while Liza was working in the US for a few months that the idea for the drink was born. Immediately after returning home, she set to work and - typically start-up-like - tinkered around in her kitchen. She grappled with ingredient trends and experimented with flavours - and one night dreamt of a name for her brand - ROST. She wanted a close connection to 'rosé wine' and she wanted a short, simple product name that 'you still remember when you've had a glass or two too many.' She also knew exactly what she wanted in terms of branding: simple and no frills. She worked together with Katharina Seiler at NEBULABOR to create the ROST brand - it was never going to be just another alcopop collecting dust on the shelves. The main product range is available all year round (classic, white with a hint of ginger or black with a hint of vermouth) and is frequently added to with exciting limited editions.


Design plays a key role at ROST and so it was an amazing moment when ROST won a Green Panther, THE regional creative award in Styria, Austria - in both the 'Corporate Design' and 'Motion Pictures' categories. Content and design were created in close collaboration with NEBULABOR and The Renderers.

Of course, a TV appearance on the startup show 2Minuten, 2Millionen was also a fantastic opportunity to extend the brand's reach - and step way beyond her comfort zone. The result was more than worth it: two investors in the show invested in the company and she received hundreds of orders in the first 24 hours after the show, many coming from future returning customers. And then there are the everyday highlights - for example when Liza is sitting in a pub and someone orders ROST, when regulars drop by to see her at events, and of course every story, link and all the feedback she receives.

Plans for the future

Of course, as a product in the F&B industry, you usually need a large sales volume for long-term success. Expansion across national borders is incredibly exciting, but even after 4.5 years, there is still so much to do in Austria. Turnover continues to grow and the brand's reach continues to expand geographically with more than 150,000 bottles sold. Liz reveals that she used to be impatient to sell as many bottles in as many places as possible but that she soon realised a development like that takes time - both from a product and consumer point of view. But she hasn't lost her ambition to help as many people as possible see the world through rosé-tinted glasses.