The Latest News About Startup Companies


Cow's milk isn't great for the environment – switch to plant-based protein shakes and oat drinks by UNMILK!

mamo pet sports mamo pet sports

Revolutionise the way you enjoy outdoor activities with your dog !

snorre snorre

snorre supports social welfare projects, upcycling and sustainable production - read more about this rad brand here!

the nu company the nu company

The nu company was founded on the belief that true enjoyment comes from knowing that all parties involved in producing food: people, animals and the environment, are well taken care of.

Waterdrop Waterdrop

Founded in 2016, "Waterdrop" is one of the most successful Austrian startups and has grown a lot over the last few years.

Pivo Pivo

These days, social media is simply a part of our lives! Whether you're taking photos of your kids, sharing your travels on Instagram, or just taking a selfie, good content is essential, but sometimes it can be time-consuming. Looking for a way to...